Cyber Insurance Providers

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The Cyber Insurance Market has exploded in recent years, but the clash between new information security regulations and concepts with established insurance laws create special challenges for private organizations. Join this panel to understand more about the challenges facing the cyber insurance market, best practices for vetting and purchasing cyber insurance plans, and what concerns lie ahead as more and more policies are underwritten.

  • Focus on cyber insurance (what does it cover, renewal, what is it, assigning professionals)
  • What should insurance companies require of companies seeking cyber insurance before selling them a policy? What are all of the considerations to cyber & risk management, to include insurance?
  • What is happening in adoption from global aspect?
  • What companies should consider before buying insurance for clients? Negotiation Strategies, Pitfalls, etc.
  • Immediate steps that are necessary in the case of a claim.
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