“Preparing for an Attack”

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

When a company is undergoing a cyber-attack, there is no time to wast on determining who needs to be involved, who needs to be notified, who is doing what, and what needs to be done. In these crisis level situations, being “as prepared as you can be” (rather than “being prepared”) is probably all a company can expect to achieve, since every attack will be different. But there are things that can and should be done before the attack, and this panel of experts will share their experiences and tips on how best to get a company ready to respond to a cyber-attack, from establishing contractual relationships with vendors that will be needed to conducting an “after action” review of crisis management, and everything in between.

Specific discussion points include:

  • Cultural Awareness (Accessing the Threat, Human Error, Routine vs. Privileged Users)
  • Vulnerability Response (Training, Strategy & Practice)
  • Response Plan – “Who’s Who” (Compliance, Health, Vendors, Lawyers, PR, etc.) & “Call Tree” (Who do you call? When do you call them? / Resources & Back-up Plans)
  • Legal Preparations (Regulations, New Laws, How to protect client/attorney privilege)
  • Breach Contract/ Third Party Relationships/ Forensics
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