Lunch Conversation – “Triage and ‘Oh *!&*'”

12:15 PM – 1:45 PM

Welcome Remarks with President Taylor W. Reveley III

When your realize that a cyber intrusion has taken place or that a cyber ransomware attack is underway, one first thought may be “Oh $&*!.” This program will help you move from the moment of realization into a mode of smart reaction. We will discuss how to take constructive steps to respond to and mitigate a cyber attack from a panel of experts well versed in dealing with this difficult business situation.

  • Where did the threat come from?
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Forensics
  • Deploy “call tree” & manage communication plan
  • Putting the plan into action/ Troubleshoot (someone in the plan is out of the office)
  • Legal & Business implications
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